First Baptist Church
of Durant

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About Us/ Membership

   Pastor Kevin Wynne 

Pastor/Speaker Kevin M. Wynne has been the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Durant since December of 2004.  
He is the Founder and Director of American Ministries and serves as an adviser for Christian organizations and leadership development. He is a founding general partner of Career Tech, LLC - a Christian Vo-tech School in Lakeland, Florida. 

Ordination conducted through the Shiloh Baptist Association: Shiloh Baptist Church- Plant City, Florida

  Kevin and Wendy were married in 1989 and have three children, Kelsey, Kyle and Kip.


Thomas Kirkpatrick

Pastor's Assistant &
Church Administrator
Licensed Minister 

Jordan Rains
Associate Pastor
 Student Ministries
Licensed Minister

Trey Morris
ervice Coordinator

Kyle Wynne
Praise Band  / Arrangement 

Charles Small
   Building & Grounds Manager



Small Church...Big God!
 We worship Jesus through a meaningful Praise & Worship Service
 We teach the Bible in a manner that a child can understand it
We offer time for repentance, prayer, and accepting Christ as Savior

Church government at FBC Durant is very simple, not a complex bureaucracy. Committees and sub-committees are essentially non-existent. Basically, at FBC Durant we believe that the pastor is called by God, placed in leadership by the people, and is responsible to God for the direction of the church. We have a Pastoral Advisory Team and a Leadership Team that meets as needed for church planning and operations.

FBC Durant operates on a conservative budget managed by a leadership team. Our weekly tithes and offerings pay operating costs, church needs, and support for various missions/ministries. We believe a church should be the example of financial stewardship. FBC Durant is a debt free church. 

This Team is comprised of mature Christians who provide insight and counsel to the pastor with respect to the doctrine, business operations and decisions of the church such as property management and financial matters.

This team is all those who are in leadership positions. This includes Teachers, Directors, and Ministry Leaders. This is when we share current  "wins"  and discuss opportunities. This team will brainstorm all activities and upcoming events.  

Frequent Asked Questions

How Can I Become a Member?

To become a member, one must complete our new members orientation class to understand our doctrinal position and our church model.

Membership at FBC Durant is reviewed annually.

Staff / Leadership Team:
Members of this team have demonstrated Active Membership for six months. These positions and personnel are reviewed each quarter by the pastor and team for continued placement. The pastor may approve people to this team with less than six months if deemed necessary for the church's best interest.

How Often Are Business Meetings?

Durant staff and leadership meet regularly as needed. A yearly church meeting and ministry overview is held during the last quarter of each year to present awareness and gain alignment.
For any needs or issues that should be brought before the church, a notice is given to all Active Members to attend a special meeting.

What Version Of The Bible Do You Preach From And Recommend?
Preaching is from the following version(s):
Currently: Rotation NAS/NIV/NKJV

12/10- current- New International Version
 7/09- 11/10: New American Standard
1/4/09- 6/19/09: New International Version
12/04-12/08- New King James Version

There are some who have the perspective that man has hindered the Word. This has caused so many to turn away from the Bible as they feel they can't read it. Our position is that we would rather our folks read a Bible they can understand as we cover all questions and theological perspectives within our church. Bibles must be endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention for doctrinal alignment.

What Kind Of Music Do You Have?

We are more contemporary in style of worship. We praise God through voices and on instruments as the Bible instructs us in Ps 150.